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Top 6 Common Issues that Require Walk-in Cooler Repair

Walk-in Cooler Repair - Advanced Commercial

A malfunctioning walk-in cooler and freezer might be disastrous for your business that relies on cold storage. Commercial cold storage repair prices can be extremely expensive. But a quick and inexpensive walk-in cooler repair can save your equipment from costly larger repairs or replacements down the road. It’s ideal to get walk-in cooler problems rectified as soon as possible for minimal disturbance to your business and peace of mind. Here are the most frequent walk-in cooler issues we see on a daily basis that can be solved with a quick and inexpensive repair.

1. Wear and tear on the door

Examine the seals on your walk-in cooler doors for wear and deterioration. This damage may be costly due to air seepage, requiring your cooler or freezer to operate continuously to maintain temperature.

2. Frost buildup

A refrigeration expert should check your walk-in cooler right away if you start seeing frost or ice build up in places where it shouldn’t be. This is a sign that it isn’t cooling properly and needs to be fixed right away.

3. Water Leakage

Do you have any moist floors in or near your walk-in cooler? This could be due to a faulty walk-in cooler installation or an old or damaged seal. In any case, this is something that should not be ignored since it could lead to mold and mildew growth, which will not make your health inspector pleased.

4. Stale Odor

If the coolant of your cooler leaks, you may detect an odd odor inside and/or around your walk-in cooler. Leaks like these are more likely to happen if your cooler or freezer is old or obsolete. So it may be time to consider an upgrade. You may also have a walk-in cooler repair service to ensure you keep up and running.

5. Walk-in Cooler Temperature Inconsistency

If your walk-in cooler or freezer is having difficulty keeping a consistent temperature, this is an indication of larger problems. You should have someone inspect your system right away. Many walk-in coolers and freezers feature sensors. These sensors will inform you if the temperature increases to a specific level. So keep an eye on it.

6. Strange noise and/or flickering lights

If you hear a strange noise or see flickering lights you should immediately call a professional to get it looked at. This could result to electrical problems which may cause danger to your manpower, as well as to your whole facility.

Best Thing To Do About Walk-in Cooler Repair Problems

Preventative care is the best medicine. Keeping your walk-in cooler well-maintained will help you avoid stress and worry about it. If you notice any of the above symptoms, call Advanced Commercial Group for all your commercial refrigerator’s needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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