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Why You Should Invest in Routine Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance - Advanced Commercial

Preventive maintenance emphasizes the proactive implementation of equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement strategies to avoid significant issues leading to a breakdown. Some business and food processing facility owners think that investing in preventive maintenance is costly and counterproductive. While it’s true that you’ll have to spend money upfront on these routine checks, it can also save you more money in the long run. These are the urgent reasons you need to invest in preventive maintenance.

Save money on costly repairs

Unfortunately, some business owners still believe that equipment should only be checked and repaired when there are maintenance problems. Sure, you’ll pay the preventive maintenance provider for their service, but these small recurring payments are better than unexpected and ‘big-time’ repair costs. 

Longer asset lifespan

When regularly checking your cold storage equipment, you can significantly improve its lifespan. It’s natural for equipment and pieces of machinery to live longer when they’re well taken care of. This is another advantage to enjoy when you invest in preventive maintenance. There would also be lesser interruptions in your production process.

Since your equipment isn’t prematurely affected by normal wear and tear, you won’t have to replace them sooner than you have to. You can save a considerable amount of money given that these pieces of factory equipment cost thousands of dollars. 

Keep products in good condition

The problem is that when cold storage equipment breaks down, they don’t come back up quickly. The average downtime runs for four hours. Cold storage breakdown could mean serious profit repercussions. This could also mean significant product loss. When the cold chain breaks, it could lead to premature merchandise spoilage, growth of hazardous microorganisms, and loss of the products’ organoleptic properties. This means you can’t sell and deliver them to your customers. 

When you can keep up with your production and inventories, you can also supply your customers with what they need. Consequently, when these people get what they want, they will not complain. You will have one less worry off your list. When these people are continuously satisfied, they will patronize you more.

No unplanned business downtime

Downtimes are costly to the business, whether planned or unplanned downtime. In fact, it costs multinational corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, and Twitter $66,240 per minute. A two-hour downtime cost them $7.9 million in sales and profit. Imagine experiencing this kind of loss for your facility. In facilities using cold storage equipment, the cost of product loss could also be as massive as those mentioned above. If you’re storing millions worth of inventory and the breakdown lasts for a couple of hours, your loss could also be in millions.

Invest in a reliable preventive maintenance company today

If you want to minimize, if not eliminate, the instances of factory equipment and tools of the trade breakdown, you need to partner with a reliable preventive maintenance provider. With Advanced Commercial, we take our customers’ needs seriously. That is why we offer only the best service to commercial applications. You can rely on us to do a great job.

If you need a quick inspection of your commercial equipment or help in keeping your equipment, facilities, and stores up and running all the time, Advanced Commercial got your back. Reach out to us at (678) 567-5642  today, and let’s improve the way you store your inventories. 

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