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Things You Should Know About an RHVAC Technician

RHVAC Technician Jobs - Advanced Commercial

Hello Wanderer! Good to see you here. Your presence in this article indicates that you are either on the hunt for the best RHVAC Technician Jobs, or you have found one through an ad, on social media, or have heard about it from a friend. And now you are making yourself familiar with what they are, information about RHVAC technician salary, required skill set, and how you can find good RHVAC employers. This is exactly what we have gotten covered here.

What are RHVAC technician jobs?

Well, you might know the answer to this, but a review is always worth it.

The term “RHVAC” stands for Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a system that regulates the flow of cold and hot air within your residential or commercial areas. Its technician is the one who installs, repairs, and maintains such systems. 

If you are looking for RHVAC technician jobs, you must keep in mind that the “R” stands for “Refrigeration” which is why most of the main commercial RHVAC jobs require you to have an understanding of freon, cold storage construction, cooler to freezer conversion, correct use of tools such as refrigerant scales. 

Thorough knowledge of the thermostat, compressors, motors, pumps, switches, operating levels, fixation of pipe leaks, filter check, and other associated refrigeration skills are also important. Along with it some companies also focus on soft skills.

It’s not compulsory for technicians to excel in all four services. You can go with one or two, and it’s also based on the RHVAC technician jobs descriptions.

How do you transition from HVAC tech to RHVAC tech? 

The transition rule here lies in the name. If you are already an HVAC technician, you will need to seek out training on refrigeration systems. These systems are often more complex than HVAC systems and will require much more training. How should you go about obtaining this training? Well, there are a few things that you can do. 

  • Search for free training classes held by parts houses, well-known industry brands, RHVAC employers, or local mechanical companies near you. Advanced Commercial Group hosts training events that are open to the public each quarter. Check our “Events” page to register.
  • Work as a helper for an RHVAC company. This will give you an opportunity to get some hands-on training while getting paid!
  • Seek out certification programs offered by local colleges, universities, and trade schools.

List of Some of the Main Commercial RHVAC Tech Jobs

We will be defining the top 3 jobs in terms of their titles and responsibilities.

  • RHVAC Engineer – The one responsible for designing the refrigeration systems.
  • RHVAC Installer – The one who installs the refrigeration systems into commercial, residential, and institutions.
  • Refrigeration Service Technician – The person who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of cold storage systems.

RHVAC Technicians Salary in Georgia

An RHVAC technician salary in the state of Georgia is $48,580 – $52,710 on average per year according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Below is a photo from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the average wage for the said profession per state.

RHVAC Technician Salary - Advanced Commercial

How to find the best RHVAC employers?

When looking for your next employer there are many things to consider: location, growth potential, work-life balance, salary, and other ancillary benefits. It is important to ask potential employers questions about these items to make sure that you find a good fit for you!

Advanced Commercial is a trusted commercial refrigeration, HVAC, and electrical contractor that had recently announced jobs for Atlanta under their “Careers” page. Advanced Commercial Group is not your typical mechanical company. We provide more administrative support than other companies so that you can focus on what you do best as a technician. Advanced Commercial offers growth opportunities and provides regular training to help you reach your professional goals. Lastly, while being on-call is to be expected, we make sure to structure our on-call schedule in a way that ensures that you are supported and can have time at home with your family. 

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