Advanced Commercial has built, remodeled, and serviced supermarkets, food and beverage manufacturers, commercial kitchens, biomedical labs, and cold storage facilities in the Southeast for almost 15 years.

Cold Storage Design & Construction

Cold storage units 500 SF to 50,000 SF to larger
Commercial coolers and freezers
Controlled environmental warehouse construction
Prep-room and production room construction
Cold rooms
Environmental rooms
Cooler to freezer conversions
Insulated floor systems
Insulated panel installation
Freezer frost/heave floor repair

Supermarket Remodels

Case change-outs
Case upgrades
Refrigerant conversions
New refrigerant line installation
Refrigeration insulation
Start-ups and recommissioning
Project work

Commercial Refrigeration Service

All manner of commercial freezers, coolers, and refrigerated cases
Blast chillers and spiral freezers
Ice machines
Adjustment of cold case doors and repair of strip curtains and lighting
Rack systems or self-contained units
Walk-ins or reach-ins
CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, glycol, and CO2

Commercial HVAC Service

All manner of roof-top units and air-handlers
Packaged, split, and mini-split systems
Chillers and dehumidification systems
Heat-pumps, furnaces, and boilers
HVAC unit change-outs

Supermarket Facilities Maintenance

Refrigeration/HVAC systems
Electrical systems and Lighting
Plumbing systems
Light construction and manufacture of displays

Electrical Service & Construction

Repair and maintenance of electrical systems
Remodeling and tenant build-outs
LED retrofit and upgrades
Parking lot lighting
Relocating existing electrical equipment and appliances
Panel changeouts or upgrades
Receptacles & Switches
Low-voltage cable installation
Addition of electrical circuits (120V-460V)
Generator maintenance and testing and repair
Back-up power and UPS for systems
Motor replacement and motor controls
Safety testing & maintenance of electrical systems up to 600Vac

Appliance Service

Commercial kitchen equipment
Cooking room equipment
Food processing equipment
Meat room equipment
Bakery equipment

Preventive Maintenance

HVAC and Refrigeration
Filter-changing programs
Quarterly, Semi-annual, or Annual plans
Lower overall operating costs
Prevent equipment downtime
Reduce costly emergency repairs
Extend equipment lifespan
Increase energy efficiency