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Commercial Cold Storage - Advanced Commercial

What Is The Right Commercial Cold Storage For Your Business?

It is essential to keep certain goods in temperature-controlled environments, whether for
transport or storage. This makes cold storage an important part of various industries. There are different types of commercial cold storage, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. By knowing about each of them, you can then find what solution is perfect for you and your business.

Bulk Cold Stores

This type of commercial cold storage solution is commonly used for a single product that
requires lower temperatures. It is the preferred method for seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other

An insulated tank is kept cold with ice, which then melts and is reused as chilled water for
cooling supplies after. Bulk cold stores are environmentally friendly and relatively cost-effective. These are most susceptible for seasonal temperature changes which is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

Multipurpose Cold Storage

Unlike the seasonal bulk cold store, multipurpose cold storage is designed to be used for an
entire year. They are also used to contain different items together, using the
latest technology to maintain low and consistent temperatures.

Multipurpose cold storage units are commonly found near consumption centers, storing mostly food, although they can also be used for medicine.

Frozen Food Cold Stores

This commercial cold storage option comes with freezing facilities and is intended to keep items
not just cold but frozen. The average temperature for frozen food stores is -18 degrees Celsius,
the standard for commercially preserving food.

Frozen food storage generally costs more than the average cold store, owing to their heavier
use of refrigerants and keeping food at consistently lower temperatures.

Walk-In Stores Cold Storage

Walk-in cold stores refer to entire rooms at low temperatures, with walk-in freezers being their
far colder counterparts. Their main characteristics include at least one large door to allow a
person to freely walk in and out of the refrigerated enclosure.

They are used for different industries aside from food, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Operating temperatures within walk-in commercial cold storage areas vary depending on the application, from a little over one degree Celsius to below -22.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Cold Stores

Intended for specialized applications, the operation of controlled atmosphere storage units is
already a business opportunity in itself. CA stores are used only to keep certain products,
such as high-quality vegetables and produce with extremely short shelf lives. This is the most expensive type of commercial cold storage due to the nature of the machine.

Choose the Right Commercial Cold Storage for You

Getting a suitable commercial cold storage unit makes sure that you get your money’s worth
while also keeping your products safe. As you invest in the proper cold store, team up with a
reliable service provider for all your cold storage maintenance and repair needs. Check out Advanced Commercial: a one-call solution for all your refrigeration needs.

Contact us today at (678) 567-5642 or, and let us know how we can help you get that commercial cold storage setup that’s perfect for your business.

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